Episode #1: How To Accelerate Enterprise Adoption Of Blockchain - Eugene Aseev, Chainstack

How To Accelerate Enterprise Adoption Of Blockchain

Eugene Aseev’s mission is to make it easy for businesses to use blockchain technology.

He was Head of R&D at Acronis Singapore before co-founding Chainstack - a platform that enables enterprises to rapidly build, deploy and manage decentralized networks and applications.

In this podcast, Eugene shares his insights on the current state of the blockchain industry, how and when mass adoption could occur and the participants most likely to benefit.

Show Notes

[00:23] Why is there a need for Chainstack?
[01.23] Why blockchain?
[03:35] What are the challenges of selling a blockchain / DLT solution into the enterprise market today?
[04.41] What are the three most important questions to ask when implementing enterprise DLT?
[07:45] How do you overcome the barriers to adoption and the “own to monetize data” mindset?
[08:20] What is the future of consortia?
[09:20] What is needed to implement the revenue and cost saving benefits of blockchain?
[09:45] What are the existing processes that can be optimized using DLT vs. new business models?
[11.25] Where is the market heading and what are the new business models that can be created with blockchain?
[14:35] What are the challenges of sharing data under a DLT framework – specifically under regulations such as GDPR?
[17:10] What are the current myths enterprise clients have on blockchain technology?
[19:49] What can people realistically expect over the next few years from DLT?
[23:30] How can B2C and enterprise markets for blockchain technology be segmented?
[25:08] What’s the one thing you believe in about DLT that most people don’t agree with?

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